Greening Afghanistan - Nangarhar

Greening Afghanistan - Nanagarhar

As you know that this is the job of everyone to grow one plant in his own life. These plants will grow; you and other people will take benefits from its fruit or shadow. If we know about worth of green trees, so ever year we will plant a tree because green trees can clean the air for breathing, give us fruit and shadow and also the place will be beauty if anyone knows about these benefits they will not cut the trees so according to mentioned benefits we plant some trees around our (JAAILC) center. When we were planting trees the people, Dean of TTC and principle of Tajrabavi high school encourage us that this is very good action and they grateful from our Teacher Eng Azizullah, Yusuf and from us. We are youth we must do such actions in our community and it is a kind (YLC) activities. We enjoy a lot from growing of trees here because the people great full and appreciate us and in the summer here’s a serious sunny environment, by growing of these trees everyone can sit under its shade.

Written by: Samsoor Rahat

Earth Day and Global Youth Service Day